My Thoughts On #NewNewTwitter

Tell Us How You Really Feel, Russ

As I write this, I’m not 100% certain, but I think #NewNewTwitter hasn’t yet been alive for 24 hours, at least not to the general population.

As I write this, I need to tell you that my relationship with Twitter is mostly via apps–probably most commonly through YoruFukurou (or NightOwl, if you prefer to translate).

This means that my relationship through twitter is, for the most part, not through the website. And in many cases, not even through Twitter’s own applications. You see, I sort of don’t make twitter a core part of my world these days. I like to skim it, and if I’m somewhere with a #hashtag associated with it, by all means I’ll pay attention, or temporarily add the hashtag to my Summizer iPhone app (this was bought by Twitter ages ago and then “sunsetted” or some other BS term for “assimilated and/or killed”), but really, that’s it.

Twitter is a content stream for me. And it’s neat. And it’s cool to see what some people are doing from time to time, and it’s even self-cool for me to sometimes throw out some crappy attempt at humor. At one point in time, Twitter was all about the lyrics, man, but then everyone else got the Twitter and it was time to call my favorite band a sell-out.

Or at least, it was time to not sweat getting tickets to every show and I no longer needed to say that I was a fan before you even knew who they were. Who give’s a rat’s backside, anyway?

So here’s my review on #NewNewTwitter:

It’s been out less than 24 hours. I looked at the website and I keep being pleasantly surprised at some of the changes in place. I looked at the iPhone app for some minutes on my commuter train this morning on the way to the big city for work and it was cool, and I wondered if some of the decisions were based upon user interviews or data or some Venn Diagram of both, but I didn’t think “holy balls that was stupid!” about anything… yet.

It’s not like #NewNewTwitter broke the model of 140 characters and a stream of information. It’s not like they put in place such changes that I was confused as to what I was looking at, like a location-based thingy earlier this year, that I just stopped using.

#NewNewTwitter didn’t go off the reservation, but it seems like they’re trying to find a way to do more without more actual real estate and without confusing people.

I don’t know if they talked to users. They didn’t talk to *this* user, but that doesn’t mean that they still didn’t. I don’t know that they owe me–or you–that explanation, either. I don’t know if they looked at data of any kind, or weird analytic overlays that tell them that 24 year old men tweet about fast food restaurants at 3p more than any other time of the day.

I don’t care, frankly. That’s on them to make that decision and to figure out if the decision has anything to do with making the app better for whomever they’re trying to serve.

And I’m guessing I’m not their big money audience demographic, and I’m okay with that. You should be, too, because you’d probably not design for you, if you weren’t there.

Maybe the music’s not too loud. Maybe you’re too old.

Like all things, getting used to change will continue to take time. Oh–and Twitter is free. Use it or don’t; and base it on the value you get out of it.

Tomorrow, I may feel different.

After all, 48 hours will have passed.

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    “Maybe the music’s not too loud. Maybe you’re too old.”

    Totally stealing that. And nice writeup. Agreed.


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