UserGlue is a full-service User Experience Design boutique.

Our goal is to work with clients who want to partner with us to create exceptional experiences that meet user and business goals, exceed expectations and are, at the core, as simple as possible.

We are agnostics when it comes to appropriately identifying user process and experience–our experience ranges from desktop and network applications to mobile devices, biometrics applications devices and a variety of off- and online industries. We believe that every project is unique and has its own set of challenges–and we respect that. While there are fundamentals that we apply to every project, every project’s challenges cannot be forced into the same mold. We work with you to deliver solutions and work product that fits into your project universe.

We believe that delivering exceptional user experiences requires more than a pretty aesthetic or well-defined technical functionality. The combination of well architected information and process flows, aesthetically appealing visual design with a simple visual vocabulary and intelligent interaction design are all required for success.

We do all of this and maintain a pretty good sense of humor, too.

Read the bio of Russ Unger, principal and founder, and co-author of “A Project Guide to UX Design“. Russ and Todd Zaki Warfel, principal and founder of Messagefirst and author of “Prototyping: A Practitioner’s Guide” are co-authoring a book on guerrilla UX research methods that is due out, well, sometime.